Monday, August 9, 2010

Maddow Guest Lapses Into Inexplicable Candor on Abortion


MADDOW: So what would be the consequences of having a whole bunch of new sitting senators, elected to the US Senate, who are opposed to abortion not just in all regular cases but also cases in which the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest?

HARRIS-LACEWELL: Well, I mean, I think we've already seen the consequences of having a significant portion of even one party, even the party out of power, with a very strong anti-reproductive choice agenda. We saw it for example in the health care fight where somehow, you know, abortion became the central issue in a comprehensive health care reform bill, the central issue became controlling women's right to choose, controlling women's fertility, not giving women the ability to control their own, but having the government do it.

So, I think clearly every time we move more aggressively against women's reproductive rights, the more that we will see the consequences show up in everything from health care policy to, you know, potentially actually moving towards reducing the opportunities for women to, uh, you know, actually find healthy, safe termination services. [Emphasis added]
HT Newsbusters


Scott Palmer, Ph.D. said...

"Termination services" does sound ominous, but I'm not sure how much I would read into it.

Given the context, he probably meant "pregnancy termination," though with no restrictions on abortion, that can be ominous enough all by itself.

It does amaze me how politics makes intelligent people utterly stupid when they need to miss the point of an argument that they can't refute. Maddow is a case in point. There's no doubt about the lady's brain power, but she won't touch the issue of the baby's life. I happen to think that well-meaning people can believe different things about it, but Maddow, like most pro-abortion advocates, won't address the issue at all.

jet said...

Thanks for your input Scott. You make a good point that Maddow "won't address the issue at all." I hadn't really thought about that. I have good friends that totally disagree with me on this issue, but at least they are willing to discuss it with me. The lack of education and dialog on this issue is costing innocent babies their lives.