Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hazardous Adoption

In our litigious age, adoption of the most needy can be dangerous.  William Anderson's latest blog post really got my attention.  Here is a quote from his post entitled "The Adoption that Did Not Happen: How the CAC and Prosecutors Make Adoptions Extremely Hazardous":

For the past two years, we have looked to adopt again, this time a girl anywhere from ages 9-13, and from the USA, and the process has been extremely difficult, and generally has involved pushing a rock to the top of a hill, only to see it roll to the bottom time after time. More than once, we have given up altogether, but still continue to pursue what might be an opportunity.

Last week, an organization contacted us to see if we were interested in adopting a 13-year-old girl who grew up in Russia, but was adopted here at age 9. The child has severe attachment problems, and huge amounts of anger directed at her adoptive mother due to things that happened to her in Russia.
Check out the whole post here. It breaks my heart that our society is not structured to be supportive of these worthy parents.

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Scott Palmer, Ph.D. said...

Parents who are willing to take on the challenge of raising a troubled child who isn't "their own" deserve our respect and support.

One of my brothers was adopted into our family from the former USSR. Though he never had any behavioral problems here, he later gave a talk at a psychology conference about some of the traumas he endured as a small child in the USSR. I'm glad that he came through it was well as he did, and that I could be part of his family here.