Monday, April 19, 2010

Tea Party Racism

There is an interesting article on the "Tea Partiers" in the Politico today. "Tea partiers in two camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul."  What caught my attention was the survey information at the end of the article:

The tea party activists on the Mall last week were better educated, more affluent and whiter than the country as a whole.

...12 percent voted for Obama.
Kinda flies in the face of the "ignorant" "racist" theme that is promoted by the Left doesn't it?

*Addendum video: hat tip A Conservative Blog For Peace.


Bekah said...

my grandma just told me about this tea party business yesterday when i called her on the phone. i have become obsessed reading about it in papers ever since.
wow. wow. wow.
i just wonder if it will gain enough momentum and actually do something.
revolutionaries. i love it.

jet said...

It is encouraging to see good people waking up, and standing up, for what they believe in. The only sad thing to me is how it is being co-opted by some Political Operatives to make money and fund their own objectives. They say that they believe in the Constitution but they only do so as long as it supports their own corporate interests. I was involved in it locally last year, but this year I didn't go. My hope is that it will cause people to look deeper into what has happening in our government. A lack of constitutional restraint by the left & right is pushing our country to the brink on many fronts.