Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sorry About Your Wife and Kids. Here's $2,000...

Warning Graphic Story

Stories like this grieve my heart and make my blood run cold. Is this the way we want to reach the Muslim world for Jesus?  I understand and know about the atrocities of the Taliban & Al Qaeda.  That does not excuse these alleged actions by US troops.  "...He looked for justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress." Isaiah 5:7b
“The foreigners are always talking about human rights. But they don’t care about human rights,” said Gulalai’s father, Mohammed Tahir. “They teach us human rights then they kill a load of civilians. They didn’t come here to end terrorism. They are terrorists.”

"US special forces dug bullets out of their victims' bodies in the bloody aftermath of a botched night raid, then washed the wounds with alcohol before lying to their superiors about what happened...."

"The victims - two pregnant women, a teenage girl, a police officer and his brother, those killed in the above mentioned February 12 raid. After initial lies and cover-up, NATO finally 'admitted responsibility for all the deaths for the first time last night,' yet continuing to deny a cover-up and saying no evidence showed inappropriate conduct."

"Local elders delivered $2,000 (£1,300) in compensation for each of the five victims to the head of the family, Haji Sharabuddin, after protests brought Gardez, the capital of Paktia, to a halt. 'I don’t want money. I want justice,' he said. 'All our family, we now don’t care about our lives. We will all do suicide attacks and [the whole province] will support us...' The family count seven deaths, not five, because the two women were pregnant."

You can read the articles here and here.  Ironically the "blood money" did not include a payoff for the two unborn children (the "uncivilized" Afghans recognize that the unborn children have value while the Americans don't?).  If we do not take responsibility for our actions and bring justice to this devastated family we have no business being there.

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