Monday, March 15, 2010

Slaughtering the Daughters of Glory

I am the proud (understatement of the decade) father of five beautiful daughters.  I have had copious demeaning/derogatory "wisecracks" made to me about the "suffering" I must face.  They bust on the amounts of estrogen, the emotions, the cost-of-future-weddings, etc.  The truth is I love having all girls!

These little girls dote on and "worship" me (in spite of my fumbling attempts at fatherhood) in a ways that never cease to amaze me.  One of my oft repeated sayings to the "doomsdayers" is: "There is more than one way to surround yourself with beautiful women. I chose the godly way."  But I digress from the purpose of this post.  These thoughtless "commenters" reveal a horrific cultural bias.  Our culture despises baby girls (and boys) when they get in the way of "MY-self-serving-rights."

Consider this article in "The Boston Globe," by Jeff Jacoby, entitled "100 Million ‘Missing’ Girls."  He describes how as many as a million baby girls are aborted in India each year due to "a fierce cultural preference for boys."

"Sex-selection tests are illegal in India. So are sex-selective abortions. But the laws are rarely enforced and easily circumvented. Rather than openly disclose the sex of a fetus after an ultrasound exam, for example, some Indian doctors signal the results by giving the parents pink or blue candies or candles. Others dispense with subtlety altogether, advertising their services with such brazen slogans as “Spend 500 rupees now and save 50,000 rupees later’’ — an allusion to the potentially crippling dowry that an Indian bride’s parents are expected to pay when their daughter gets married."
Imagine, a beautiful baby is slaughtered due to pink candy being given to the parents.

He describes how "the war against baby girls has spread to South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, to the former Soviet republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, and even to Asian-American communities in the United States" (as well as China).

Mr. Jacoby states that:
"It is not material poverty that leads these cultures to blithely accept the killing of their very youngest girls. It is a poverty of values, an ancient prejudice that views daughters as a financial burden to be avoided, rather than a blessing to be cherished."
 Wow! What a great statement. "It is a poverty of values..."  Consider this historical example:
"...they mixed with the nations and learned to do as they did. They served their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to  the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood." Psalm 106:35-38 (ESV)
The truth is that the world we live in is awash in the "innocent blood" of the daughters of God, whom he created for His glory.
" daughters from the end of the earth...whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made." Isaiah 43:7 (ESV)
Our kind, eternal, heavenly Father.  Help us to shine as a light a culture that values wealth, plasma tv's, cars, sexual freedom, and careers, over the "Daughters of Glory" that You have created. Forgive us of our selfishness and pride.  We have exalted ourselves in our own eyes to our own demise.  Create in us clean hearts.  Renew a right spirit in us for Your name's sake.


Bekah said...

this article made me sick. and sad. and achy for Heaven.
its so unreal to me how the price of a wedding will stop a family from opening their hearts to love.
a cultures legacy is seen in their treatment of children. i often wonder what that means about america...
how blessed are your daughters for not only growing up feeling safe and loved and delighted in but in seeing their father care about other girls/women. what an example of worth you are giving, jet.
this is off the topic, but did you see this article??,2933,589385,00.html
i can't believe Christianity and bible study is being banned in AMERICA! i literally knew/saw this day coming, but i can't believe it is here! SCARY.
come, Lord Jesus, come!

jet said...

It made me sick too. The days we live in are filled with darkness but I am convinced that God is using it to reveal His truth, goodness, and mercy. As the darkness grows darker the light will shine brighter. All the "hidden things" will be revealed.

Thank you for your kind words Bekah. I am grateful for loving parents who pointed me in the way of truth. I pray that God enables me to be the father He has called me to be.

I have read that article. There are many other examples of well intentioned regulations being used to enforce a agenda. I am convinced that if someone wants really wants to shut something down, there are more than enough regulatory ways to do so. Often the person or official who is enforcing the law is simply enforcing the "letter of the law" instead of the "spirit of the law." There is usually a big difference between the two. That is why it is so important that we as Christians walk in spirit and in truth.