Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I wake up in a regulated bed, on a regulated pillow.
To the tune of a regulated  radio station, on regulated airwaves.
I style my hair with regulated gel, Brush my teeth with regulated paste.
Put on regulated deodorant,  and a splash of regulated aftershave.

I don my regulated clothing, over regulated underwear.
I put on regulated foot-wear, over regulated socks.
I sport regulated eye-ware,  with regulated lenses.
I grab my regulated cell phone, swallow regulated meds.

I turn on regulated lights, in my regulated kitchen.
I brew some regulated coffee, eat some regulated cereal.
I sit in a regulated chair, reading a regulated newspaper.
I leave my regulated house,  climb in my regulated car.

I drive on regulated highways, powered by regulated fuel.
I drive at regulated speeds, and make regulated stops.
I drive through a regulated entrance, into a regulated parking lot.
Walk into a regulated park,  on a regulated trail.

And say, "It feels so good to be free!"

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