Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pro-Abortion is About Women's Rights, Right?

Most of the the pro-infanticide/abortion advocates proclaim that they are staunch advocates of womens rights.  They say that every woman deserves to make "the choice" for themselves; that no one else should try to tell someone else what to do with "their" body.   If that is true why did they vote to effectively kill this bill in the VA Senate Courts of Justice Committee?
SB 504 Abortion; any person who forces or coerces pregnant female to have is guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor.
Forced or coerced abortion prohibited; penalty.  Provides that any person who forces or coerces a pregnant female of any age to have an abortion against her will is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if such a violation is committed by the father or putative father of the unborn child when the pregnant female is less than 18 years of age and the father or putative father is 18 years of age or older, the father or putative father is guilty of a Class 6 felony.
D: For the purposes of the section, the term "forces or coerces" means any act or attempted act including a threat of physical, emotional, or psychological harm intended to compel a pregnant female to have an abortion performed in otherwise lawful circumstances but performed against her will.
  I read the bill (posted here) and I didn't any "hidden" agenda.  All I saw was more protection for vulnerable pregnant women.  My state Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg) called them on their little game (see video below) but they sent it to committee to die anyway.  "Womens Rights" hypocrisy revealed.

Thanks to The Family Foundation for covering this.

These are the Senators who voted to kill it (all pro-abortion Dems).
Henry L. Marsh, III (D) (804) 698-7516
Richard L. Saslaw (D) (804) 698-7535
Janet D. Howell (D) (804) 698-7532
L. Louise Lucas (D) (804) 698-7518
R. Edward Houck (D) (804) 698-7517
Toddy Puller (D) (804) 698-7536
R. Creigh Deeds (D) (804) 698-7525
A. Donald McEachin (D) (804) 698-7509   
Chap Petersen (D) (804) 698-7534


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