Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Loved

I am so loved, this how I know
By One who has made me, in flesh to grow
It's to this Love, that I must cling
While every day, my moods do swing

It's in His arms, that I can rest
He bids me come, and be His guest
I'm dressed in rags, so dirty and foul
On my haggard face, I wear a scowl
How could He love me? I fathom not
I'm wretched and poor, I fall a lot

But He holds me gently, in His hand
And shows me visions, oh so grand
He washes me clean, says that I am Loved
By The One who made, the heavens above
I lean in toward Him, and state uncertainly
Do You know the enormity, of my deformity?

I've slain my brothers, in words and deeds
I've walked in darkness, I'm so unclean
I love what's evil, and shun what's good
I find it impossible, to do what I should
I lower my eyes, hang my head in shame
How could this God, even speak my name?

He leans in gently, with a tear in His eye
It is I who formed you, don't you want to know why?
I cast you in weakness, in brokenness yes
I made you unable, to plot goodness in your flesh
I did this not, to leave you in decay
But through your weakness, My goodness to display
I love you my child, and I will make you shine
My glory will flow through you, though the end of time

You are The Loved, who causes angels to wonder
In awe of the glory, that I pour out with thunder
It's over you that I sing, its with you I talk
It's through you I touch, and with you I walk
My heart beats for you, and for you it stopped
My mouth pleads for you, around the clock
You are The Loved, walk away from the shame
You are The Loved, because I call your name


Christin said...

Amazing. I'm so glad that you started to write again.

I fully expect a melody to go with this.

Ruthie said...

How humbling, thank you Jet! What an amazing Father we have.

Bekah said...

i love this.
so much.
thank you for sharing!!!