Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Daddy God

Dear Daddy God ( poem from a child's perspective)

I know you have a busy day,
But could you please stay home and play?
I feel alone here by myself,
But I long to know and touch your wealth.

I know you do important things,
But can't you stay and push the swing?
Won't you come and play with me?
We can climb the old oak tree.
I'll let you in my secret club,
If you give me one big hug.

Did you watch me spin around?
I'm the best in the whole town.
You're sure to like my latest dance,
Just stay and watch, just give me a chance.
See how fast that I can run!
I think I'm faster than the sun!

I hurt my toe, can you see the scar?
I think it's the biggest I've got so far.
My friends were mean, they called me names,
My heart it hurts, it's filled with shame
I often struggle with being myself.
Why can't I be somebody else?

Your arms are strong, I feel so safe.
I want to feel your breath, and touch your face.
When I grow up one thing I'll do,
I'm gonna grow up, to be like you.

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